What kind of travel-crazy workaholics are behind this company? We are Pilar, Miguel and Lorena. But honestly, the real hero behind Live Your Life is you. We do what we love for you, creating trips like works of art.

Pilar and Miguel started this adventure, who are partners in work and also in life. Together, we created a travel agency that is “elegant yet simple”. Live Your Life is the result of what we now do, feel, wish and want to put across: LIVE YOUR LIFE. We were very lucky to come across Lorena. Without a doubt, this could not have been possible without her support. We made a great team, and work really well together.

We specialise in business trips and people like you, who are looking for something different. We are experts in ensuring you sleep peacefully wherever you are, solving your problems, helping you to live, see, feel and remember. We offer you much more than a trip, we offer an experience. Become a LYL Traveler and let everyone know about it!


We are experts in ensuring you sleep peacefully wherever you are…

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